Update: 9.7.2018

As the Canada Federal Immigrant Investor Program closed in 2012, the alternative for qualified high net worth individuals to migrate to Canada is through the Province of Quebec.

Basic requirements

You (and/or with the spouse, if applicable) have a net asset of at least CAD2 million.

You have a minimum of two years of management experience in the past five years.

You have the intention to settle in the Province of Quebec and you need to invest CAD1.2 million for five years.

Or, you pay CAD0.35 million one time interest to an authorized financial intermediary of the Quebec Investor Program as the loan cost of CAD1.2 million.

* The above regulations will come to effective in 15th August 2018. The minister has yet to announce the number of applications that will be available.

Application procedures

Step 1: Collect all the required documents.

Step 2: Submit complete application package to Immigration Quebec for initial processing. The CAD15,111 Government application fee (subject to change) is due at this point.

Step 3: Quebec immigration authorities review the application and invite applicants who meet the selection conditions and criteria for an interview. The applicant will receive an official interview waiver notice if the applicant does not need to be interviewed.

Step 4: A detailed wire transfer instruction will be sent to the applicant if the applicant passed the interview and received an approval in principle.

Step 5: The applicant needs to transfer the investment funds of CAD1.2 million in maximum 110 days. If the applicant is financing the investment through an authorized financial intermediary of the Quebec Investor Program must wire transfer the up-front loan cost of approximately CAD0.35 million within this timeframe.

Step 6: The applicant receive the “Quebec Selection Certificate, CSQ” which indicates an approval at the provincial level.

Step 7: The Case is submitted to the Centralised Intake Office, CIO of Citizenship and Immigration Canada for federal level review. The applicant pays the federal processing fee.

Step 8: Upon notice, do health and police check.

Step 9: The applicant pays the Permanent Resident fee.

Step 10: Visa grant.


You get the Canadian Permanent Residency directly.

You do not have to do your own business in Canada.

The processing time for Quebec Investor Visa is around 4 years. That is you have plenty of time to plan your move to Canada.

To know your eligibility, whatsapp (852) 6058 8991.

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