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Why to study in New Zealand?

New Zealand Immigration encourages International students to study in New Zealand. This can build New Zealand’s connections with the rest of the world. After graduation, applicants are able to apply for the post-study work visa to find job and work in New Zealand. 

Professional team to accompany you for your study to residency plan

Ido-Immigration Consulting local team provides comprehensive immigration consulting and job matching services for our applicants who arrive in New Zealand. The professional team includes three departments:

(1) The Immigration Department (Business Processing Team) headed by New Zealand registered immigration consultants to process visa applications;

(2) International Student Team arranges tailor-made study plan which may in line with the immigration needs of the applicants. We get the New Zealand school offers, arrange admission service and settlement in New Zealand for international students.

(3) Recruitment Team has deep understanding of New Zealand local job market. We arrange job matching and employer interviews.

Basic requirements

To be granted a study permit to study in New Zealand, you may need to fulfill the following basic requirements:

– You must have offers of place that must also include the name of your approved education provider.
– You must genuinely intend to meet the condition of your visa.
– You must have full medical and travel insurance for the length of your stay.
– You need to show the evidence you have enough capital to pay your tuition fee and live in New Zealand. 
You must be of good character and in good health. 

Application Process for Study to Residency Pathway

Step 1: Submit your personal documents for an initial assessment.

Step 2: After you are assessed to be eligible, an agreement will be signed to start the application. 

Step 3: Plan study to residency pathways and select schools/courses. Secure a New Zealand school offer. 

Step 4: Apply for student visa and accompany family members’ visas (if applicable).

Step 5: Study for 1-2 years and prepare for job seeking after graduation. 

Step 6: After graduation, apply for post-study work visa and accompany family members’ visas (if applicable).

Step 7: Find a job in New Zealand (if applicable). 

Step 8: Apply for resident visa when the requirements are met. 

Step 9: Obtain a New Zealand residency.  

New Zealand Study to Residency|Benefits

– Low entry requirements.
– Can move to New Zealand and settle in New Zealand in a short time. 

– Direct family member can go to New Zealand with the applicant. 
– No age limit.

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